Application for Membership

The objective of this membership is to provide members with uniform requirements and procedures to facilitate safe electrical geophysical surveys.

Company Information

Voting Representative

Please indicate your interest in joining the technical committee.

Technical Representative

Membership Grade

Active Member:

Any commercial or industrial enterprise engaged in electrical ground geophysics.

Associate Member:

Any commercial or industrial enterprise including education faculties, government departments, manufacturers, consultants or exploration companies with an interest in the objectives of GGSSA.

Level 1 (L1): 5+ employees
Level 2 (L2): 1-4 employees

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Membership Benefits

  • Access to guidelines
  • Voting rights
  • Use of logo
  • Certificate
  • Noted on GGSSA website
  • Access to recognised NPER engineers
  • Events notification
  • Safety statistics
  • Published technical committee meeting minutes
  • Representation on technical committee.


  • Uphold the Principles & Guidelines of the GGSSA
  • Financial Membership
  • Active Members submission of monthly WHS statistics lodged quarterly to an independent 3rd party.


I agree for the Ground Geophysical Survey Safety Association to make all necessary enquiries concerning my Application and suitability to become a member. By lodging this application and upon being accepted in my membership, I agree to be bound by the Principles & Guidelines of the Ground Geophysical Survey Safety Association, including its ethical and professional standards, including but not limited to the annual lodgement of safety statistics.

Upon receipt of this application a member will contact you requesting a brief description of your company’s activities, and your logo. At a future date a third party representative will contact you for your safety statistics.