Application for Membership

The objective of this membership is to provide members with uniform requirements and procedures
to facilitate safe electrical geophysical surveys.

Section 1

Company Information


Voting Representative

Please indicate your interest in joining the technical committee YesNo

Technical Representative

Section 2

Membership Grade

Active member: any commercial or industrial enterprise engaged in electrical ground geophysics

Associate member: any commercial or industrial enterprise including education faculties, government departments,
manufacturers, consultants or exploration companies with an interest in the objectives of GGSSA

Level 1: 5+ employees

Level 2: 1-4 employees

Please select membership category (all fees in AUD and GST exclusive):

  Associate Active
Level 1 L1 Associate 600 L1 Active 1200
Level 2 L2 Associate 250 L2 Active 500

Membership Benefits

  • Access to guidelines
  • Voting rights
  • Use of logo
  • Certificate
  • Noted on GGSSA website
  • Access to recognised NPER engineers
  • Events notification
  • Safety statistics
  • Published technical committee meeting minutes
  • Representation on technical committee


  • Uphold the Principles & Guidelines of the GGSSA
  • Financial Membership
  • Active Members submission of monthly WHS statistics lodged quarterly to an independent 3rd party


I agree for the Ground Geophysical Survey Safety Association to make all necessary enquiries concerning my Application and suitability to become a member. By lodging this application and upon being accepted in my membership, I agree to be bound by the Principles & Guidelines of the Ground Geophysical Survey Safety Association, including its ethical and professional standards, including but not limited to the annual lodgement of safety statistics.

Upon receipt of this application a member will contact you requesting a brief description of your company’s activities, and your logo. At a future date a third party representative will contact you for your safety statistics .

I Accept