Electrical surveys in Western Australia should utilise the link 


Some of the key points to consider as of 15th of November 2017 are detailed below though current requirements should be confirmed on the above link.

  •  The Electrical Workers Permit is issued to an Employee whilst in the employ of a specific Company.
  •  The permit scheme (Ground Geophysical Survey Equipment Permit) for company employees is available whereby a company submits an application form certifying the competence of suitable employees to perform work in accordance with a Safe Work Procedures document certified by a chartered electrical engineer that was submitted at the time of the application.
  •  The Safe Work Procedures covers the transmission equipment.
  •  A permit is only valid for that person while they are employed by that company, and doing the geophysical work for that company only,
  •  The electrical transmission equipment is also licensed for that one company only (and its’ employees)
  •  If the piece of equipment you hired or purchased is not part of the Safe Work Procedures included in the original application you are in breach of the Electricity Licensing Regulations 1991.  You will need to reapply including the new equipment.