We need your photos!

We urgently need submissions of photos for use on the GGSSA website.  Please ensure that the photo does not contain any unsafe acts as these will be rejected.  If you have some photos you are happy for the Association to use please email them to info@ggssa.org.  Thanks!

Andrew Duncan from EMIT joins the Executive Committee

Andrew Duncan, founder and director of Electromagnetic Imaging Technologies, joins the GGSSA Executive Committee in recognition of diversity of membership of the Association.  Following Andrew’s acceptance of the position the make up of the executive committee now consists of representatives from 3 contracting companies, 1 industry representative and 1 manufacturer.

The executive committee meet in Adelaide on November 25th to formulate the strategic plan for the Association, finalise the Association’s constitution, and develop the success plan for the executive committee.  Many actions have come out of the meeting, some of which you will have already heard about.  Over the coming months the executive committee will be working hard on expanding the focus of the Association (beyond electrical methods) and delivery on the Associations goals and objectives.


Ken Zonge Passed Away 21st November 2013

On the 21st of November Dr. Kenneth L. Zonge (Founder of Zonge) passed away.

Ken was a pioneer in electrical geophysics and influenced much in the application of electrical and electromagnetic geophysics, creating many tools which are now standards in exploration.    Ken was one of several leaders in the 1970’s who brought electrical geophysics into the digital age.

Ken’s many accomplishments include developing the complex resistivity method, and based on this idea, founded Zonge Engineering and Research Organization in 1972. He also developed the world’s first field-portable, digital electrical geophysical receiver in 1977, and greatly contributed to the commercial application of Controlled Source Audio-frequency Magnetotellurics (CSAMT) and Complex Resistivity (CR) services as practical exploration tools. Ken’s instruments from 20 years ago are among the best in the industry and are still competitive today.

Ken was not only the quintessential scientist/engineer, but he was always the humble gentleman. His love of the outdoors, and in particular, his love of Alaska, blended perfectly with his application of geophysics, whether toward minerals or oil exploration, or studying environmental or groundwater problems.

The executive of GGSSA wish to acknowledge the contribution of Ken Zonge to the geophysics industry and pass our heart felt condolences to his family and friends.

Version 0.4 of Guidelines available for download through the Members Area of the Website

In response to feedback from stakeholders GGSSA make available to any registered user of the GGSSA.org website the latest version of the Guidelines, version 0.4.  Please log into the registered members area to download the document.  This area of the website is open to anyone who has registered, irrespective of membership status of GGSSA.

Guidelines Available for Download

The Guidelines for Electrical Geophysical Surveys are now available for download through the Members Area of the website.

Draft Standard for Ground Geophysical Electrical Survey available now for review

The draft Standard for Ground Geophysical Electrical Surveys has been released to stakeholders for review and comment.  The document is available for download from the Members Area of our website.  If you have not already registered you will need to do so to access the document.

The committee ask that you utilise the discussion forum on the Members Area to share your comments and feedback on the draft document.  Alternatively you can discuss the draft document via our Linked In or Facebook pages.  Utilising these types of discussion forums should ensure transparency in the review process with feedback open for discussion amongst all stakeholders.